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Online Hearing Test

Solutions for hearing loss in children

Phonak knows that each child has unique listening needs. Phonak provides solutions to ensure your child’s communication with your family and surroundings will be as natural and easy as possible.

Infants and Toddlers

Phonak provides Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aid technology and associated cochlear Implants to provide the best comfort, stability and safety for this age group.

  • Durability is critical for a curious child who will gain more mobility and control as he/she grows
  • A Junior clip keeps the aids fastened to your child’s shirt
  • The tamperproof design helps prevent your child from accessing small parts
  • Mini ear hooks mean the hearing aid cradles your child’s ear comfortably

The Phonak Roger system can help facilitate better communication with your child, especially in situations like riding in the car or in a stroller. It consists of a small microphone (worn by the parent) and a miniature receiver (connected to the hearing aid).

hearing aid

Your Phonak professional will consider your family dynamics when recommending the best paediatric solution.

hearing loss in children

School-Aged Children

As your child enters school, he/she starts to assert independence and are exposed to more challenging situations. A combination between Phonak hearing aids and / or Cochlear Implant features and Phonak accessories assist by allowing them to hear and understand in various environments.

Phonak Roger is able to connect to all types of audio systems (like a TV, MP3 player or computer). The Roger system expands from listening to a speaker to listening to the whole world. Your child will be able to participate in afterschool activities or communicate in noisy places.

Your Phonak professional will consider your child’s age and specific requirements when recommending the best solution.


Phonak recognises that teens do not only mature physically, but their social and communication needs expand. Our Phonak portfolio assists teens to communicate well in even the most challenging communication situations with independence, finesse and style.

Phonak Roger is the best performing solution as results show that 50% of a teen’s waking time is used on some sort of technology.

hearing loss teenagers

  • Phonak Roger Pen – Bluetooth connectivity
  • Phonak Roger Receiver – either attaches discreetly to the hearing aid or may be worn around the neck
  • Wireless accessories – Phonak ComPilot or TV Link. These devices are useful at home to connect to devices such as cellphones, MP3 players, TVs or computers.
Phonak TVLink
Phonak ComPilot
Phonak DECT cordless phone
Phonak EasyCall
Phonak Roger Pen