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Phonak Roger

Real and meaningful education occurs when children are truly engaged, but such engagement is only possible when students can clearly hear and understand. For children living with hearing difficulties, this presents an extra challenge. A challenge that calls for the Phonak Roger intelligent solutions.

Phonak are the leaders by bridging the understanding gap with the Roger. Phonak Roger is an education solution which ensures that no child will miss out on a single word in class!

The small microphones on a hearing aid can often not cope with the demands set by the school classroom in terms of poor acoustics, distance and high levels of background noise. We learn with our ears, and if a child with a hearing loss misses out on the voice of the teacher – it will have a tremendous effect on the academic achievement of the child.

Phonak Roger
Phonak Roger Education


A Roger system comprises of a Roger microphone that is worn by the teacher, and a small receiver attached to the hearing aid/s of the child. The teacher’s voice is then transmitted directly into the ear of the child, ensuring the child with a hearing loss receives full access to the lesson content.

54 % improvement in speech understanding – Phonak Roger is an A+ in every student’s book

“I was amazed by the performance of students who used Roger. They were able to hear and understand the speaker in noise levels that would not have been possible using previous FM system technology.”

– Professor Linda Thibodeau, PhD.
Phonak Audiology