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Online Hearing Test
Online Hearing Test

Is it okay to speak for my deaf or hard of hearing friend?

Living deaf in a hearing world means that we might miss a hearing person talking to us from a distance or not understand what someone is saying. Hearing friends might try to step in to let others know that I am deaf. When does it cross the line? I recently moved to a new town with a close friend ...


Photographer tells hearing loss stories through latest photo series

Photographer Dalton Stiles wants to show the unique experience of living with hearing loss through the power of photography in his latest project series “Can you hear me?” Dalton’s inspiration to start this project stemmed from his own his own experiences having a mild to moderate bilateral ...


Why you’re never too old to try hearing aids

Walk down any busy street and you will see a plethora of people engaged in their technology. Specifically, their mobile phones. It’s sometimes surprising when we notice a number of these people plugged into cyberspace fall into the 70-80 age bracket. It shouldn’t really be a shock to think o ...


CROSsing the World

Embracing sounds from all sides without limitations. I sometimes get asked why I chose the profession of audiology. When I think back, my audiologist and family first inspired me to pursue a career in audiology. As a hard of hearing individual, it felt natural for me to work with and assist other ...


Baby Raina’s hearing loss journey

When the nurse wheeled our daughter Raina’s bassinet away for her newborn hearing screening I said, “Go ace your first test baby girl!” Forty-five minutes later, she came back with bad news: Raina didn’t pass. “Nine times out of ten, it’s just fluid in the ears. We’ll repeat the t ...