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Online Hearing Test
Online Hearing Test
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Phonak Unveils Virto Black, First Marvel Powered ITE at CES

Phonak Introduces Marvel Custom Hearing Aid at CES Phonak has today unveiled its new Marvel powered custom device at CES in Vegas. They are calling the Virto Black a stigma bursting hearing aid designed to look like a hearable but offering so much more. They say "Virto Black is the world’s firs ...


What are the different types of hearing aids?

What's the difference between a BTE hearing aid, an ITE hearing aid, and how can they benefit different people with hearing loss? Phonak Teen Finn meets with Scott from Phonak US about how different models of hearing aids work.   Learn more about Phonak hearing aids: ...


How are hearing aids made?

Phonak teen advisor Finn goes inside Phonak to learn all about how hearing aids are made. Join Finn and Bill as they walk through the Phonak production center to learn how hearing aids are made. ...


How to take ear impressions – Phonak tutorial

For custom hearing aids, success starts with good ear impressions. This easy 5-step tutorial helps hearing care professionals ensure that they will achieve perfect ear impressions, every time! This, in turn, will lead to less remakes, less returns, and more discreet devices. ...