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Online Hearing Test
Online Hearing Test

Leo, Your Child’s Phonak Friend

Leo, the playful young lion cub, wants to do well in school, excel at sports and have lots of fun – just like his friends. But in the past, Leo’s had some trouble doing these things, because of his hearing loss. With the help of his family and audiologist, Leo received Phonak hearing aids and a Roger™ system. Now, hearing loss doesn’t hold Leo back anymore!

Leo Storybook

All children love a good story

Because our furry friend is so easy to relate to, these engaging tales “Leo gets hearing aids” and “Leo gets a Roger system” should help your child feel less anxious about their hearing loss, more comfortable with their hearing systems and better able to explain their hearing loss to others.

Phonak Leo Interactive Book

Download the Leo StoryBook

Follow Leo’s adventures on the go and share his stories on-screen with family and friends. The app is free and available in eight languages

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Leo coloring pages – it’s magic!

Print and color two engaging Leo coloring pages and turn them into interactive 3D worlds with the free Quiver app available for tablets and smartphones. Make Leo come alive!

  1. Download and print the Leo Coloring pages “Leo on the soccer field” and “Leo and his magical playroom”.
  2. Let your child color in Leo and his toys in their favorite colors.
  3. Download the Quiver app, scan the page and watch how Leo and his toys come alive. Make him score a goal or play with his magical toys. Record different creations from within the app and share it on social media using #coloringleo.

Download the coloring pages

Download the Quiver app

The Listening Room™

Learning to hear just became a whole lot easier and more fun. Register today on The Listening Room and get immediate access to a host of free, fun activities and resources to support the development of speech, language and listening skills for all ages and degrees of hearing loss

Discover The Listening Room now