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Online Hearing Test
Online Hearing Test

Author Archive

Inclusive Education – a new era in classroom amplification

For the best possible learning experience children must be able to hear the teacher’s voice clearly in class. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Factors such as classroom noise, distance between teacher and students and challenging classroom acoustics, can make understanding the teacher d ...


Top tips for summer!

Summer should be fun not stressful. Follow our tips for a worry-free summer that’s full of sounds of joy and sunshine! Leave your hearing aid battery door(s) open. To avoid corrosion in the battery compartment, leave the battery doors open or take the battery out when you aren’t wearin ...


Wet Hearing Aids…What now?

Remember to use your special drying kit or drying ‘n store. Don’t have one? Purchase it from your nearest Phonak SA Professional. DYI methods for keeping hearing aids dry Step 1: If your hearing aids get wet, turn them off and remove the batteries. Keeping a wet batter ...


Making the most of summer

The summer months bring so many wonderful things — warm weather, sunshine, outdoor activities, and vacations. For those who wear hearing aids, summer also brings extra care and maintenance. Keep your hearing aid(s) out of direct sunlight and avoid leaving hearing aid(s) in a hot car. ...


Phonak Technology

Advanced Phonak Technology is Providing Hope for Millions Today, advanced Phonak technology is available worldwide and is bringing relief to millions who might otherwise be faced with a life marred by communication difficulties. Sadly, in some countries, without such relief their condition might ev ...