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Online Hearing Test
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Constant Ringing in Ears

The Causes and Management of Constant Ringing in the Ears While most people will have experienced ringing in the ears, even though it may have been constant, it would probably only have been a temporary sensation – gone and forgotten after a day or two. The most likely explanation for this annoyi ...


Phonak Hearing Aid Prices in South Africa

Phonak’s Hearing Aid Prices Represent Exceptional Value in South Africa Given that there is currently no way to cure deafness, those who are significantly affected by it must instead rely on finding the best possible means with which to manage their auditory insufficiency. The quest to develop pr ...


Can Tinnitus Be Treated?

Tinnitus Affects Millions of People Worldwide – Can It Be Treated? Imagine that your every waking moment was plagued by a persistent ringing, buzzing, or whistling noise in your ears, and that when it was time for bed, these irritating sounds made it almost impossible to get a good night’s slee ...


Tinnitus Buzzing

Buzzing, Whistling, and Ringing Are All Experienced by Tinnitus Sufferers It is likely that only those who are severely affected by the condition are truly qualified to describe its symptoms and the effects that the persistent buzzing and various other sounds commonly associated with tinnitus can h ...


Cochlear Implant Device

How the Cochlear Implant Device Differs from Conventional Hearing Aids To the uninitiated, a cochlear implant device is likely to be perceived as a modified form of hearing aid designed to be fitted internally, rather than worn behind the ear or inserted into the auditory canal of one or both ears. ...