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Online Hearing Test
Online Hearing Test

Where to Get Hearing Aids for Sale

Where Is It Best to Get Hearing Aids for Sale?

The internet that we all know and love has done much to liberalise the sale of items previously under stricter control. Not surprisingly, perhaps, the internet is also where some are now choosing to get their hearing aids from vendors that offer them for sale via this medium.

One would not choose to purchase a dental prosthesis in this manner, given the importance of a comfortable fit and a colour that matches one’s natural teeth. There are equally sound reasons why one should not purchase an assisted hearing device from an online source or even directly over the counter from a high-street store.

The old-fashioned ear trumpet was an acoustic device that relied on its conical shape to amplify all wavelengths of sound equally, and to channel them to the ear canal. In practice, this achieved little more than making it unnecessary for others to shout in order to be heard. Unfortunately, those who choose to get hearing aids for sale online, risk relying upon devices that may be little more effective than these early acoustic predecessors.

Since the era of ear trumpets and speaking tubes, research has revealed a great deal more regarding the role of the ear and the nature of deafness. Thanks to the development of audiometry, we now know that deafness tends not to affect the perception of all wavelengths of sound to the same degree. While an individual’s perception of some wavelengths may display quite a high degree of impairment, others may be affected to a lesser or greater degree, or may not be affected at all. Those who decide to get hearing aids offered for sale by an online supplier risk disappointment, because without a recent audiogram, their performance is highly unlikely to match their individual needs.

Even though some suppliers now offer an online hearing test and undertake to make any necessary adjustments to the device, this is no guarantee of a quality product that will perform as promised. While online shopping is undoubtedly a convenient option and one that often offers consumers goods at prices significantly lower than those of high-street retailers, it is also a haven for less-reputable sellers who are hoping to sell inferior products by offering them at irresistible prices. Where the intention may be to get one of these cheap hearing aids for sale online, it is well worth remembering that if something appears too good to be true, then it probably is. Often, these cheap devices sold via the internet turn out to be no more than extremely basic amplifiers in which only the volume can be adjusted.

For anyone who may be experiencing a degree of auditory impairment, the first step should be to find a reputable audiology clinic and undergo some diagnostic tests. Testing will normally begin with an examination of the ears, in order to eliminate treatable conditions, such as an ear infection that might cause temporary impairment. While an audiology clinic is clearly a place where it makes sound sense to get one of the hearing aids they normally have for sale, the most suitable choice will depend on the results of other tests, including the all-important audiogram.

Although the factors responsible vary considerably, deafness presents in one of three forms. Where impairment is present, the examination will serve to identify its nature as conductive, sensorineural, or a mixture of both, and this may, in turn, influence not where to get your hearing aids, but which of those offered for sale may be the best with which to manage your impairment. Where deafness is more severe and sensorineural in nature, the sole solution may prove to be a cochlear implant. Even where a conventional amplification device is the answer, those whose impairment is more marked may be unable to benefit sufficiently from the lower degree of amplification possible with one of the tiny models worn deep within the ear canal. Where this is the case,

Phonak offers a wide range of hearing aids for sale and the option to get them from Ear Institute audiology clinics nationwide.