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Phonak Hearing Aids for Sale

A Broad Range of Advanced Phonak Hearing Aids for Sale

Audiologists worldwide are experiencing an increase in the number of patients affected by some form of auditory malfunction. However, it is not just the increased incidence that provides cause for concern. The average age of those patients is now markedly lower than in the past. Impaired audition can be attributed to a number of causes, such as the use of certain types of medication, exposure to toxic chemicals in the workplace, and chronic ear infections. There is no doubt, however, that the current trend is entirely the result of noise-induced deafness which now accounts for the majority of those affected by hearing loss and, in turn, the increased demand for Phonak hearing aids wherever they are offered for sale.

Unless it is the result of a sudden loud noise, an excessive accumulation of wax in the ear, or an infection, each of which is either reversible spontaneously or following irrigation or antibiotic therapy respectively, there is currently no way to cure deafness. Instead, the focus of engineers and developers remains on leveraging new advances in technology to help those affected manage their condition as effectively as possible, enabling them to better integrate into what is predominately a hearing society. In the background, of course, medical researchers continue to hunt for that elusive cure. Until their search bears fruit, however, the broad range of Phonak hearing aids and accessories for sale at audiology clinics in South Africa should ensure there will be an option that provides help for anyone who may be experiencing auditory difficulties.

Impaired audition is classified according to the extent of the impairment as mild, moderate, severe, or profound. While, generally, an amplification device will tend to be of most help to those in the first three categories, of how much assistance it will be also depends on whether the root cause of the impairment is a conductive or a sensory malfunction. In the latter case, some patients with severe to profound hearing loss may find that only a cochlear implant is of any benefit to them. For most, however, there should be a suitable Phonak hearing aid for sale at a reputable outlet.

Many of those patients for whom the use of an amplification device is quite sufficient to manage their auditory insufficiency effectively would prefer a unit that is not easily seen by those around them. In practice, there are some models that are small enough to fit inside the ear canal and can only be seen on close inspection. Some can even be inserted so deep into the canal that they are virtually invisible. Due to their compact size, however, they lack the amplification of larger models and are thus only suitable for those with mild to moderate loss. For others, the Phonak range of hearing aids for sale in South Africa includes some less compact but far more powerful models designed to be worn behind the ear. To provide the wearer with a little discretion, the manufacturer has made these behind-the-ear (BTE) models available in a range of natural shades designed to blend in with individual skin tones and hair colours. For kids and for any adults who may be a little more adventurous, the BTE models are also available in some fun colours.

The sensation of ringing in the ears or tinnitus is quite common among the hard-of-hearing and, in some cases, when fitted with a suitable Phonak hearing aid from those for sale, the symptom will disappear. In the event that it does not, however, some newer models have a built-in white noise generator that acts to mask the intrusive sounds of tinnitus. For the owners of older models, there is also an accessory with which to perform the same function.

The superior sound quality and innovative features such as directional microphones and rechargeable models that provide 24 hours of performance on a single charge have, over the years, served to establish the Phonak brand and its advanced hearing aids as market leaders. Also for sale from stockists of our brand is a range of advanced accessories designed to enable the wearer to interact more effectively with other digital devices. Just as a Bluetooth speaker can connect wirelessly with a smartphone, with the aid of a suitable accessory, so too can these advanced hearing aids. They can also link to PCs, tablets, DAB radios, and digital TVs to enrich the lifestyle of the wearer.