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Phonak Hearing Aid Accessories

Users of Phonak Hearing Aids Benefit from Numerous Useful Accessories

Recent decades have seen a near-exponential expansion in the application of digital technology. Gone are the bulky TV sets with their cathode ray tubes to be replaced by wafer-thin, large-screen models that respond to remote controls and connect to the internet. Landlines are becoming museum pieces in the wake of mobile phones that can do almost everything but cook. To ensure that those who are required to wear a hearing aid are not excluded from this new digital world, Phonak has developed some useful accessories that have been serving to level the playing fields for many affected by auditory impairment.

Few things have improved our lives more than the telephone. Amongst its many other possible uses, it has provided us with the means with which to conduct business with consumers on the other side of the world, to summon help in an emergency, and to keep in touch with our families and friends. For some, however, the use of the telephone has remained impractical. Whereas those who are unsighted can still rely on their sense of touch to operate a conventional handset, it is not so easy for the hearing-impaired, so operating a cellphone can be even more difficult.

The Phonak range of hearing aid accessories includes a product named EasyCall that is able to stream the output of a mobile phone directly to aids in both ears. The streaming device is attached to the phone and employs Bluetooth technology that enables it to connect both with modern smartphones and the earlier non-smart models. Potentially a life-changer, EasyCall is designed to make life easier for the hard-of-hearing at home, around town, and especially in the workplace, where it can empower them to accept responsibilities they might otherwise have been unable to.

Often, group conversations can be difficult when wearing a hearing aid. For such situations, Phonak accessories also include a solution in the form of a product called Roger Select. When placed in the centre of a table around which the members of the group are seated, its six directional microphones monitor sounds within a circular listening field. When someone speaks, its MultiBeam Technology responds by suppressing output from the other five microphones, streaming the speaker’s voice directly to the owner of the device. Designed to switch seamlessly between speakers, if several may be talking at once, the user can select any given speaker with a single touch.

Roger Select is amongst the most versatile of the Phonak hearing aid accessories. For example, it can also be used to stream sound from phones, PCs, portable music players, and TVs, and even offers the user a choice of colours – champagne, pearl white, and graphite grey. The Roger range includes several other products such as the compact Roger receivers that provide a means with which to enhance the performance of both conventional aids and cochlear implants. For each assisted hearing device in our product range, there is a compatible receiver with which it can easily be integrated, while matching colours ensure a consistent look.

Once fitted, these receivers can connect with any Roger microphone. The current range of Phonak hearing aid accessories offers three suitable products for this purpose. Where some additional assistance may be needed because of distance or background noise, the Roger Pen provides an effective, yet particularly compact and discreet solution. In addition to being invaluable when attending meetings, it too is designed to connect the user with cellphone calls and to transmit the output from a variety of multimedia devices.

Also part of the Roger range is the Table Mic II. An asset for those who may be required to spend much of their days in meetings, it differs from the other microphones in the Phonak range of hearing aid accessories in that the user may connect it to the receiver either manually, by pressing a button, or with a remote control. Last but, by no means, least in this trio of microphones is the new touchscreen model, which is the perfect choice for the classroom environment. When worn by a teacher or placed on a nearby table, it ensures that one or more learners with suitable aids are able to participate actively in their lessons. Compatible, Roger Pass-around microphones and a multimedia hub serve to complete a comprehensive learning experience, while a lightweight battery charger that accommodates four devices ensures continuity.  

Thanks to the innovative technology behind Phonak hearing aid accessories, for the hard-of-hearing, life is made easier.