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Best Hearing Aids In South Africa

How to Recognise the Best Hearing Aids in South Africa

It’s now common practice for companies to claim that their products are superior to those of all their competitors. Ultimately, however, the validity of such claims will be determined by the consumer and by the extent to which a given offering succeeds in meeting his or her needs. So, for example, when attempting to determine the best hearing aids in South Africa, it will be the wearer’s perceptions and not the manufacturer’s claims that will be the decider.

When the goal is total customer satisfaction, it is necessary to first understand a client’s needs, and then ensure that they are met as fully as possible, whilst also providing a product that is easy to operate. In the case of an assisted hearing device, the end users will be aiming to find a product that will enable them to meet all the demands of their particular lifestyles. Because lifestyles vary, one of the first requirements of a contender for the title of best hearing aids in South Africa must, therefore, be to offer a range of products that is sufficiently broad in order to provide the necessary functionality to cater to those individual needs. So, what are the typical needs of those with impaired audition?

Some, of course, are general in nature and are thus independent of one’s lifestyle. Reliable performance should, therefore, top the list for all users and, in this respect, all of the leading names in this industry have made tremendous strides in overcoming the annoying deficiencies in earlier models, such as short battery life, lack of clarity, and the whistling caused by feedback loops. While these are all welcome and necessary improvements that some have achieved more effectively than others, much more is required to justify the rank of best hearing aids in South Africa.

The advent of digital processing and solid-state circuitry has led to a number of advances in this field. Firstly, the reduced size of components has made it possible to develop units that are so tiny that they can be worn deep in the ear canal where they are essentially invisible. In addition, it has also enabled some manufacturers to develop advanced sound-enhancement technology that adjusts to the nature and direction of incoming sounds in order to optimise the user experience, thereby overcoming the problem of communicating in a crowd or contending with background chatter. Needless to say, this should be one of the qualities that serve to distinguish the best hearing aids in South Africa from competing products.

The digital age has had consequences in other aspects of our everyday lives. However, while those of us whose ears function normally have adapted to and embraced the many new digital devices and facilities that we now regard as essential, special provisions have been necessary for the hard-of-hearing to access their benefits. Here too, the industry leaders have made every effort to ensure that those with auditory impairment are not precluded. Consequently, many new models have the ability to connect wirelessly with various devices, such as a smartphone, an iPod, or a flat-screen TV. Impressive? Certainly. However simple, it is a feature that the 21st-century user has a right to expect from the best hearing aids in South Africa and one that may be essential in many cases. Just the freedom to interact with a smartphone and to access the internet can provide the gateway to a more fulfilling and more productive lifestyle for those who are hard of hearing.

There is no doubt that most users will find these new features invaluable, but bells and whistles alone provide no assurance of one of the most important aspects of any product – its quality. It is therefore inevitable that one of the major criteria for the manufacturers of the best hearing aids in South Africa will be exceptional product quality, and one of the most reliable confirmatory signs must, undoubtedly, be the longevity of the brand.

With more than 70 years in the industry, the history of Phonak has been one of leadership through quality and innovation. With accomplishments such as our pioneering AudioZoom multi-microphone technology, MicroLInk, the world’s smallest FM receiver, and SmartLInk to enable Bluetooth connection to a smartphone, Phonak can justifiably claim to offer some of the best hearing aids in South Africa.